Cattle Station located on the beautiful Mary River Floodplains
Top End
Northern Territory

30th November 2011

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Over the weekend we processed the cattle that were on aggistment at Gunbalanya.  The cattle returned home last Thursday and we turned them out in a holding paddock to allow them to rest from the mustering, drafting and truck trip. Friday evening they were mustered into the cattle yards so we could get an early start Saturday because we had close to 750 plus head to process.  The cattle were processed through - back-line parasite treatment applied, weighed to find out their daily weight gain, fresh insecticidal ear-tag applied, drafted into their weight range.  The cattle have settled down very well into their paddocks. The next step is now to supplement feed the heavier cattle in paddocks around the homestead area until mid January to have them closer to the maximum weight (350kg) for Live Export. The lower weighted cattle (those under 250kg) have been turned out to the Gamba Paddock and should do just under 1kg in weight gain per day. The heavier of that mob will then go through a feed-on process late January.

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